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In July 2014, The Food Assembly, also known as La Ruche qui dit Oui! in French, launched in the UK enabling the general public to purchase high-quality food while supporting small-scale producers, who create jobs and foster social well-being.
The first Food Assembly popped up in London’s Hackney, then another close to Wales, in Chester. Now we have Food Assemblies all over the country, giving back power to producers and consumers across the UK.
Each Food Assembly is an independent and local project while remaining part of The Food Assembly collective. It is the local farmers and food makers and a unique community spirit that keeps the Network alive.
Starting in France, and now a movement across Europe, there are more than 700 Assemblies have opened in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The King Heath Food Assembly is a weekly food co operative allowing you to pick up the finest in local produce each and every week from 7:30pm on wards. You can pre order what you want from the Food Assembly Website, where you are simply required to register as a member.

This is a fantastic way to give something back to the local comminity and food producers, as well as a great way to pick up the finest local food as affordable prices.